Areas Served

The River Delta Fire District proudly provides pre-hospital care services for the citizens of the River Delta Fire District.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division

These services are managed and coordinated by the Department's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division. This division is managed by Fire Chief Paul Cutino and EMS Officer/Clinical Coordinator Pam Dodson.

Quality Assurance Responsibilities

The Quality Assurance Coordinator is responsible for maintaining continuous quality control of the Basic Life Support (BLS) programs within the Fire District.    Duties include development and delivery of training,  ensuring patient treatment is compliant with local protocols, policies and best practices, and maintaining an efficient and effective EMS peer review program.

EMS Officer Responsibilities

Our EMS Officer is assigned to various projects/tasks/assignments which support the EMS Division. These assignments include maintaining supplies, EMS equipment maintenance, and assisting in training.

Continuing Education Provider

To better serve the dedicated members of the River Delta Fire District. The Sacramento County Emergency Medical Agency has granted our application to be a (CE) Continuous Education Training Program. What does this mean? Your River Delta Firefighters will be able to obtain the in-house training and skills necessary to maintain their Emergency Medical Technician Certification.

EMT Expanded Scope

Learn more about what the River Delta Fire District is doing to increase (BLS) Basic Life Support capabilities to better service citizens.