"Dedicated to Those who have contributed to the RD"

Past Members of the River Delta Family

For years River Delta Fire District has been a training ground for Firefighters to gain the necessary experience, personal growth, professionalism and knowledge to move onto a fulltime career position in the fire service.  Today, the District  continues to motivate and educate future firefighters in the right direction. 

Since 2001, over 300 career seeking Firefighters have joined ranks at River Delta Fire District and have dedicated countless hours to this community and jump started their career.  Listed below are past Firefighters of River Delta and the careers they obtained. Their dedication and  hard work earned them their dream job as a career Firefighter. This list is work in progress. Please keep checking back as we add additional names and agencies.

Why wouldn't you do the same? Jump start your career today and join the ranks of the River Delta Firefighters. 

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